Gail Thomas with a group of students

In group storytelling workshops,

you’ll grow together in a supportive, safe  environment. This is great for team building, training, and aligning your mission, outreach and brand. Empower each other, learn a common language and have fun!

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, a nonprofit or a school, telling a true story creates trust and raises the quality of your communication. Humanize.

I’ve taught group storytelling workshops to businesses such as Merck, Pitney Bowes, Dentons, Ahimsa Ashram and Hour Children, and young people at the Girl Scouts, ROW NY, Legal Outreach, 826NYC and the Calhoun School.

Storytelling skills will empower you and your team. Here are a few group examples:

Marketing & Sales

Connect with customers on a real-life level using narrative.


Why does this product or service exist? Tell the story. Let's name stuff!

Training & Onboarding

Give employees examples for what works and what doesn't.

Team Building & Retreats

Bring your people together. Get real.


Heart strings?! Stories of where the $ goes and what it can do.

Youth Education

Build confidence, communication and empathy in our future leaders.

Audience at Impact Hub

GROUP WORKSHOPS teach basic storytelling skills — as they apply to your goals —- in a supportive, team-building environment. Let’s talk about a customized workshop that addresses your needs.

Feedback & Reviews

…This was more than a ‘how to tell a story” workshop. It was a platform for all of the leaders to become connected, at the deepest level, through their stories. It served as an authentic team-building experience.

Greg Peters

President of 4B Marketing and Hybrid Marketing Co.

“My team gives GAIL a big hand of applause – they truly appreciated her teaching skills and her ability to create a warm and inviting place to learn.”

Sok Be

Director of Grants, American Friends Service Committee

Gail has a way of coaxing out of even the most reticent students, inspired and passionate performances. Gail’s insightful comments and compassionate interaction enabled each student to create stories that later engaged and occupied audiences. Our [high school]  students left her workshop inspired and uplifted. I recommend Gail to you without reservation.

Lisa Yacomelli

English and Performing Arts Faculty, The Hun School of Princeton