Feedback & Reviews

“She kept everyone VERY engaged”

I wanted to know how to join this storytelling style to our value proposition: driving client business outcomes. We worked on several key themes and strategies to prepare for our leadership team’s two-day workshop. Gail is a pro. We hosted 14 leaders during the workshop, and she kept everyone VERY engaged.

Greg Peters

President of 4B Marketing and Hybrid Marketing Co.

“A Lasting Impact”

I brought Gail in to serve as story coach, writer/editor and day-to-day manager of an internal UX storytelling initiative. Gail’s encouraging attitude, strong interpersonal skills and professionalism had a lasting impact by inspiring my colleagues to write about the value of what they do, and gave them confidence to do more writing and broaden their storytelling efforts through applying to speak at conferences.

Julie Threlkeld

Principal Content Strategist, Pitney Bowes

“Expertise and Enthusiasm”

What started out as a specific silo/task based contractor agreement has expanded to a strategic role thanks to Gail’s expertise and enthusiasm. She has a great knack of immersing herself into the client’s personality and voice and her interviewing skills are particularly commendable.

Colin Lieu

Project Manager, 100Kin10

“Preparing for trial, her insight was invaluable.”

To help prepare my opening statement for an upcoming trial, I worked with Gail as a storytelling coach. We had a lovely session. Gail listened very carefully to every word and every single suggestion was amazing. Her insight was invaluable.

Mara E.J. Burnett, Partner

Mandell Trial Lawyers

“Big Round of Applause”

My team gives GAIL a big hand of applause – they truly appreciated her teaching skills and her ability to create a warm and inviting place to learn.  It’s been a great journey and we are excited to take these new tools into our work – to better serve our communities – THANK YOU GAIL!!!!!!  You and your organizations would be well served to partner with her.

Sok Be

Director of Grants, American Friends Service Committee

“A Masterful Teacher”

Gail Thomas is a masterful teacher. She is smart, sensitive, open-minded and inspiring. I learned more in two days with Gail than I have in entire semesters. Highly recommend it. If you want to become a better storyteller, do yourself a favor and put yourself in her able hands. She will give you the tools and the courage you need.

Jonathan Papernick

Author of The Book of Stone

“Versatility is her Strong Suit”

I highly recommend Gail Thomas multi talented writing abilities, offering her expert skills to our organization, benefiting our website content, a storytelling workshop and personal coaching. Versatility is one of her strong suits, as well as the ability to focus on meaningful heartfelt stories that move people emotionally.

Liz London

Founder, Causability

“She can help coax a brilliant story out of anyone.”

Gail Thomas is an instinctive and practiced story genius. She can help coax a brilliant story out of anyone. She is a teacher, story coach, and story wizard. She has a brilliant understanding of story structure. But more importantly, she has the uncanny ability to help draw out stories from students or clients that are authentic, vulnerable, relevant, and relatable.  I am a better teacher, storyteller, and person after studying with Gail.

Kent Whipple

Marketing and Development Director, Unexpected Productions Improv

“The Go-To Writer”

Gail Thomas is the go-to writer for award show scripts. She does her research, she is funny, she is fast and she is accurate. Gail often works directly with the talent — corporate executives, celebrities or honorees — and through that contact replicates their “voice” beautifully in the scripts she writes.

Karen Dalzell

CEO Dalzell Creative