Keynotes. Presentations. Workshops. As an experienced writer/performer and story coach, I know how to entertain and educate an audience. See below for popular topic options, which can be customized to fit a particular event. Let’s talk.

Sample Keynotes

Gail Thomas storytelling at the Impact Hub

1.Your Story is your Superpower

Empathy. Strategy. Unite. What is good for the heart is also good for business. Gradually we’ve seen a shift in the traditional corporate model, a shift toward a more holistic workplace. Conversations have widened to talk about values like diversity, equity, inclusion, sustainability, and emotional intelligence. 

Stories help organizations and their people become aligned and mission driven. This human approach helps organizations attract and retain talent, while better serving customers. Using story, we can build bridges between customer needs, employee satisfaction and business goals. In an increasingly complicated world, this is a simple solution. 

As a storytelling coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals from all over the world, with many different backgrounds. With real-life examples, this talk is a powerful introduction of how you can make your stories work for you. 

2. Storytelling Strategy for Marketing & Sales

Why do stories help in marketing? Because people are smart and time is precious. Over 100,000 digital words are consumed by the average American. So, those words need to be special: relatable, engaging, and entertaining. 

People don’t want to be told what to do. They want to understand how their problems can be solved in the real world.  A well-told story humanizes the conversation, empowers your reader or listeners by helping them reach the conclusion with you. Wrapping facts in an emotional narrative gives people a reason to care. 

No matter what point you are making, whether the content is long form or short, a story makes it memorable. Show, don’t tell.

Picture of person holding a tablet with content marketing graphic

3. Embrace Your Personal Journey

This customizable talk is an excellent choice for personal growth (or job seekers). I share how storytelling has helped me and my clients to trust ourselves and make better choices. When we become the author of our stories, the timeline shifts from living in the past to growing from it. What are your lessons? 

For example, writing and performing my stories about health scares, relationship challenges, moving gave me better perspective. Bad days became good stories, often inspiring to others who face similar challenges. Here’s an early version of one tale.

Feedback & Reviews

“Always Incredible”

Gail’s stories are always incredible. She truly has mastered the ability of taking the most difficult moments and finding their beauty.

Gastor Almonte

Standup Comic/Storyteller

“A Mountain of Talent”

We saw a mountain of talent both as a performer and a writer.

Arnaud Collery

Global Chief Happiness Officer

“A fabulous job”

Gail wrote the script for our conference emcee and did a fabulous job. She was able to work with him to make sure he was well-prepared and felt comfortable in what he was saying.

Melanie Kelman

Bilingual Marketing & Events Manager