Gail Thomas speaking at Impact Hub

In one-on-one private storytelling sessions,

we’ll talk about your goals, and I’ll help you find and tell the story to help you (or your company) get there. 

Sharing a real life example will makes you more relatable, fosters trust, and builds empathy — creating deeper connection to everyone from clients, coworkers to the  your mother-in-law. Take people on an emotional journey, and they’ll remember you forever.

Before you can tell your story to others, you have to tell it to yourself.

Storytelling skills are empowering and effective in all communication.

Mature black businessman with colleagues sitting in a modern board room. Proud smiling business man sitting during a meeting and looking at camera. Portrait of happy successful executive with team working in background.


Leaders need strong storytelling skills to inspire, train, and educate others. A narrative is the best way to build trust and get the whole team on the same page.

Rear view of a advocate communicating with the jurors in the court house


As a lawyer, I understand how important it is to present the facts, but that doesn't mean you have to be boring. You're more persuasive if you're a good storyteller.

Women speaking to group about Information Technology Connection Graphics map behind her


Whether you're speaking to colleagues or clients — virtually or in-person — your message will have more credibility and impact if you apply story flow.

Business man holding clipboard speaking with another man in glasses at an office


Whether you are preparing for an interview, seeking a promotion or riding the elevator, telling a story is the perfect way to "show" how impressive you can be.

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As you craft a narrative from moments in your life, you'll begin to see a "bigger picture." You'll get new insights into who you are and how you got here.

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If you're a creator, writer, performing artist, or speaker, you want to keep those creative juices flowing. I'll be your sounding board and help you inject humor along the way.

Gail Thomas holding microphone at the Impact Show

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING gives you customized, hands-on guidance and tools, as we uncover discover your engaging, authentic story. Inspire your audience! 

Feedback & Reviews

“She can help coax a brilliant story out of anyone.”

She is a teacher, story coach, and story wizard. She has a brilliant understanding of story structure. But more importantly, she has the uncanny ability to help draw out stories from students or clients that are authentic, vulnerable, relevant, and relatable.  I am a better teacher, storyteller, and person after studying with Gail.

Kent Whipple

Marketing and Development Director, Unexpected Productions Improv

“Gail is a Pro”

I wanted to know how to join this storytelling style to our value proposition: driving client business outcomes. We worked on several key themes and strategies to prepare for our leadership team’s two-day workshop. Gail is a pro. We hosted 14 leaders during the workshop, and she kept everyone VERY engaged.

Greg Peters

President of 4B Marketing and Hybrid Marketing Co.

“Preparing for trial, her insight was invaluable.”

To help prepare my opening statement for an upcoming trial, I worked with Gail as a storytelling coach. We had a lovely session. Gail listened very carefully to every word and every single suggestion was amazing. Her insight was invaluable.

Mara E.J. Burnett

Partner, Mandell Trial Lawyers