As your storytelling guide, I’ll tap into my unique background as an actor, writer, comic, lawyer, speechwriter, and content marketer to help you (or your business) identify your stories and speak your truth. 

I’ve studied this craft from every angle. It’s an exhilarating process. Stories change lives, starting with yours.

My Story (well, one of them)

Growing up in Oklahoma, I was a theater kid. But acting wasn’t practical, so I went to law school. My first job out was as a corporate lawyer with a NY law firm, where no one made eye contact. I was afraid to smile, for fear they would think I wasn’t working hard enough. Not the right fit. 

So, I looked for other outlets, becoming a professional improv comic/standup, actor, and a storyteller. Right brain meet left brain as the storytelling experience balanced out the analytical side. Turns out they go quite well together. 

Now, as a storytelling coach, I show creatives, businesses and individuals how to use narrative tools to focus and connect with their fellow humans. It’s thrilling to witness workplace values evolving to reflect empathy, inclusion, and balance. 

As a performer, I’ve been on stage thousands of times — connecting with live audiences through story. I’ve played Rosalind in Washington Square Park, a singing angel in Stonewall, Off-Broadway show, and continue to perform standup and storytelling in NYC and LA. You may have heard my voice in shows like Beavis and Butthead, Angelo Rules, and countless movies and commercials. My one person show, Patient 13, recently premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

I’ve written speeches for Oscar winners, like Martin Scorsese and Sigourney Weaver. 

As a speechwriter, I’ve written for world-class events including the Tribeca Film Festival, the Gotham Awards, the Fifis, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles. 

As a content marketer, I’ve interviewed leaders in education, tech, health & wellness, and management, helping them to share their insights in live presentations, blogs, and other digital content.

I love helping my clients become authors of their own stories, as we pull memories from the past and shape them into compelling stories engage their audiences.  

Both sides of my brain are fully loaded. When working with a client, I tap into over thirty years of experience as a writer, coach, and performer. Like you, I’m constantly learning. 

One thing I know for sure: storytelling is transformational, fun, and ALWAYS practical.

Gail performing at the Moth Grandslam NYC

Feedback & Reviews

She was my first storytelling instructor and I loved her so much that I continued learning with her. She has a very pedagogical approach that helps you to seamlessly acquire the basics of storytelling.

David Alfaro Serrano

Associate Cornerstone Research

Gail Thomas is a masterful teacher. She is smart, sensitive, open-minded and inspiring. I learned more in two days with Gail that I have in entire semesters. Highly recommend it. If you want to become a better storyteller, do yourself a favor and put yourself in her able hands. She will give you the tools and the courage you need.”

Jonathan Papernick

Author of The Book of Stone

I highly recommend Gail Thomas multi talented writing abilities, offering her expert skills to our organization, benefiting our website content, a storytelling workshop and personal coaching. Versatility is one of her strong suits, as well as the ability to focus on meaningful heartfelt stories that move people emotionally.

Liz London

Founder, Causability


We’ll start where you are and go (grow) to places you haven’t yet imagined. It’s a customized, organic process geared to your goals and aspirations.  

I’ve worked with young people and corporate executives, recent immigrants and celebrities, moms, startup founders, lawyers and beyond. I’ll use time-tested exercises, tips and narrative structure to help you find your unique voice. It’s my pleasure and my passion. 

Whether you chose a keynote, workshop, or private coaching, the discovery process will be exhilarating! As you craft your story, you’ll tap into new insights. You’ll become more observant and a better listener. As you share your stories, you’ll make more authentic connections — personally and professionally. Together we’ll find a story that matters to you and your audience.

Package Offers


Lead with Story – Private, 1:1 coaching for executives, founders, those looking to fine tune their communication skills. Stories help leaders to focus, define, and articulate branding and mission to teams. Fine tune the origin story, show value in action to inspire others. Timing is customized depending on goals. Generally 2-6 sessions.


Grow with Story – Group workshops are transformative, as participants learn to tell business stories together. Use stories for team building, training, marketing while fostering message alignment and empathy between departments. It’s an excellent followup to the Leadership package. Customized workshops are typically 90 minutes to 5 hours.


Persuade with Story – Private, 1:1 coaching for lawyers, activists, customer facing team members. Learn to add authenticity and power to your conversations, presentations or opening arguments. Use story to make your message more credible and convincing.

Gail Thomas with her dog sitting on a bench in New York City

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