Communication falling short?

I'll help you craft a story that engages and inspires your audience.

I’m Gail Thomas, a storytelling coach, writer, performer, lawyer, and truth seeker. My clients include leaders, teams, celebrities, and kids — each with their own authentic story. Discover how narrative tools strengthen your focus, confidence, and clarity.

Storytelling skills make you a more effective leader and advocate. Stories will empower you and your team.

Write Your Story

As you identify and write your authentic story, watch how focus, trust, and impact unite. I’ll be your coach, editor, and/or writer. Narrative will set your message free! 

Share Your Story

Stories unite us. I’ll show you how to use narrative to conquer performance jitters and become a more engaging  speaker — one-on-one or in front of a large audience.

Start Building Your Strategic Narrative Today

I’m Gail Thomas. As a storytelling coach, I tap into both sides of my brain. My clients benefit from my depth of experience — as an actor, comic, speech writer, content marketer, coach, and lawyer.

 I’ve coached CEOs, marketers, nonprofits, lawyers, kids and moms; written speeches for public figures like Martin Scorses and Bill Clinton; and voiced major ad campaigns and cartoons like Beavis and Butthead and Angelo Rules.

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Customized coaching services include one-on-one privates, group training, and retreats. Writing and keynotes are also available.

Package Offers


Lead with Story – Private, 1:1 coaching for executives, founders, those looking to fine tune their communication skills. Stories help leaders to focus, define, and articulate branding and mission to teams. Fine tune the origin story, show value in action to inspire others. Timing is customized depending on goals. Generally 2-6 sessions.


Grow with Story – Group workshops are transformative, as participants learn to tell business stories together. Use stories for team building, training, marketing while fostering message alignment and empathy between departments. It’s an excellent followup to the Leadership package. Customized workshops are typically 90 minutes to 5 hours.


Persuade with Story – Private, 1:1 coaching for lawyers, activists, customer facing team members. Learn to add authenticity and power to your conversations, presentations or opening arguments. Use story to make your message more credible and convincing.

You Can Become a Great Storyteller

Meet Punsri Abeywickrema. I coached him for his inspirational talk in the “Founders & Failures” event organized by Stacklist NYC. I’ll help you choose the story that suits the occasion and brings your message home.

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Why do you want to tell a story?

There are many reasons to tell a story. A story is a step beyond hello. In the work world, it adds context to a product launch and color to an otherwise dry business presentation. In your personal life, a funny story will take the awkwardness right out of a first date. When meeting someone new at a friend’s party, a common question is: “oh, how do you know each other?” That’s your clue! Tell a story.